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  • Network Data Compression


    we are developing a lossless data compressor for block-based network storage (currently focusing on ATA over Ethernet).

    The development of the compressor is going in parallel with the tuning of the Reference Switch.

    We have found a puzzling problem with the Switch. We have put a memory buffer before the output queue in order to compress whole Ethernet packages before sending them out. The change should be seamless (indeed, we keep the output fifo so that the interface is not modified) however, the switch does not work correctly anymore. Whereas we suspect that we have made some mistake and the buffer is de-synchronizing some signals, we also consider that we may be something completely wrong:

    Does anybody now if there is something intrinsically wrong in buffering the output of the Reference Switch? Something related to a mismatch between data flow and interface assignment or any tricky thing like that...

    By the way, this issue appears without introducing compression.


    Roberto R. Osorio
    UDC, Spain

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    i, If some bitfile virtex design is compiled against a different version of CPCI, how can we deploy it on the netfpga with different CPCI version. To clarify, I have newest cpci (version 4) on my netfpga and I want to use a bitfile which was compiled against an older version 3 of cpci. How can I use the bitfile? Right now I am not able to use the bitfile. I want to use an older version of cpci on my netfpga. Is it possible to get CPCI version 3? I have the latest version (version 4) and I need the previous version. Thanks, Pawan Prakash