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Reference router maximum prefix number

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  • Reference router maximum prefix number

    After reviewing the Wiki and some PPTs from NetFPGA training, I couldn't figure it what's the maximum number of routes for the Router Kit reference project. Although the specs list a 36 Mbit SRAM capacity with forwarding table as its primary use, which would map to a very high 200k+ routes on algorithmic lookup devices, sometimes CAM is mentioned as how reference router stores routes. CAM is usually smaller, one page listed it as 32 addresses only...

    ... what limits apply to current 2.1.1 release in number of routes, ARP entries ?


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    For the current reference router the number of entries in the forwarding and arp tables is set to 32. The reference router project does use CAMs on the FPGA to implement the table, and the SRAM is used for the Output Queues.

    You could move the output queues to be in either BRAM on the FPGA or DRAM, then use the SRAM for the lookup table; however, that is not how the current reference router is written in the releases.
    Adam Covington
    Research Associate
    Stanford University