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BUG on LWTCP embedded in SCONE...

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  • BUG on LWTCP embedded in SCONE...


    I have got a big trouble while SCONE (reference router software) sent a large file over TCP integrated in the SCONE package.

    The details are as follow:
    In SCONE TCP socket using light weight TCP was established so as to send a large file being over 1MB.
    But after some TCP packets had been being transmitted, it was stopped.
    After then TCP didn't work!!!

    And I found that this might be caused by either underflow or overflow of send buffer implemented in lwtcp.
    Actually, size of sndbuf is zero so that write_sndbuf can not be worked!!!
    so this is bug...

    Anyone can help us to fix it? or anybody can help update lwtcp on scone?

    Finally, would you let me know the version of lightweight tcp which is used in reference router, SCONE?

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